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Local Rules

Out of Bounds

A) Beyond all boundary hedges and fences including the clubhouse path and enclosure.

B) Road which runs through the course.

C) In or beyond the farm lane, although the ball may lie on another part of the course.

D) 3rd / 12th left of the white markers  on the left of the fairway and in the lane on the right hand side.

E) 6th/15th to the left of the fence posts that is the public footpath.

F) 8th/17th to the right of the white marker posts down the right hand side and beyond the green.

G) 9th/18th to the right of the white marker posts, down the right hand side.

Water Hazards

Water hazard are denoted by yellow stakes.

Movable Obstructions (rule 24-1)

Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions.

Immovable Obstructions (rule24-2)

White out of bounds posts to the right of the 8th / 17th only when playing the 1st / 10th.

Abnormal Ground Conditions

3rd /12th A ball which lies in the same field as tee and rests in any clearly defined animal hoof marks or tracks, deep wheel ruts, tractor mark. May have relief under rule 25-1.

All dung is defined as loose impediment except when it interferes with the lie of the ball or line of intended swing it becomes GUR see rule 25-1.

Please see notice board on 1st tee for any alterations.

Golfers should be aware of public footpaths crossing the course.

Dropping Zone

A ball landing against the boundary fence on the right hand side, behind the green, proceed under rule 24-2 or 24-3 without penalty, in accordance with clause 1 (immovable obstructions).

Ball Unplayable

Relief is no longer given for balls landing up against the fence on the 3rd and 12th under rule 28 (c) a ball may be dropped within 2 club lengths of the spot where the ball lay, but not nearer the hole.